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Have you been charged with a crime? Are you under suspicion for possible criminal activity? It is never too early in the process to consult with a local criminal defense attorney. The sooner you are in contact with trusted legal counsel, the more options you may have to protect yourself and your legal rights.

Why You Need a Local Criminal Defense Attorney

First of all, it is important to find an attorney who actually practices criminal defense work. Just like you would not go to a cardiologist for a head injury, you want to be sure you are going to an attorney with knowledge and experience specifically in criminal defense. Each area of the law has its own unique complexities in policies and procedures. Find an attorney that has an extensive history in representing defendants facing a criminal charge. It can also be important to talk to the attorney about whether or not he or she has taken on a case similar to yours before.

Retaining local legal counsel can also make a big difference. A local criminal defense attorney is more likely to have developed a relationship and rapport with local prosecutors and judges. A good relationship with these parties can make the process smoother and more favorable to you. Leniency on even smaller rulings can go a long way and a judge’s trust or distrust of counsel can play a role in that. Prosecutors may be more likely to negotiate plea deals with criminal defense attorneys they have worked with in the past. Furthermore, a local attorney is more likely to be well versed in unique policies and procedures subscribed to by local courts.

You may also want a local attorney for the mere fact that they are close by. An attorney traveling from farther away can very well mean that they are not as accessible. They may have trouble coming to hearings. There may be court scheduling issues or issues with you scheduling meetings with your attorney. You will likely have less of a chance to meet with the attorney in person if the attorney is traveling from farther away. When you are facing something as serious as criminal charges, it is likely that you will want your defense team close by. It can be more comforting than you may even fully realize.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

The dedicated team at Navarrete & Schwartz is your local criminal defense law firm. We are proud to serve the residence of Midland, Texas. If you are facing criminal charges, you need local legal counsel you can trust and you need it as soon as possible. We are prepared to get to work on your defense right away. Our team knows what you are up against and the many consequences that can come with a criminal conviction. We will work tirelessly on your behalf. Contact us today.