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Have you decided that your best path going forward involves divorce? It is the right decision for many and can signal a fresh, brighter start for many people and their families. To help ease the process, many reap the benefits offered by divorce mediation. A frequently used negotiating method in the divorce settlement process, divorce mediation involves you and your spouse retaining a neutral third party, referred to as the “mediator,” and you all meet together to discuss and work to resolve the issues incident to the divorce. The mediator is not there to make the decisions for you but is instead there to facilitate productive conversations and provide guidance towards mutually agreeable resolutions. Divorce mediation, however, is not right for everyone. Here, however, we will discuss why divorce mediation might be right for you.

When Divorce Mediation Might Be Right for You

Some couples may find that divorce mediation is not a workable solution to get them through the divorce process. If you have suffered abuse, think your spouse might be hiding assets from you, or have other specific issues at play, then divorce mediation may not be the right choice for you. If, however, there is a chance that you and your spouse can work towards a resolution of the major issues of divorce, then you should make the effort to encourage divorce mediation.

Divorce mediation can be a particularly good option for when children are involved. Divorce mediation not only sets a good example for the children as they can know that their parents are continuing to work together to reach resolutions to important issues, but it also helps preserve whatever goodwill remains between spouses. Divorce litigation can make a contentious situation much worst and it often feels as though it pits spouses against each other. In mediation, the spouses work collaboratively which can not only preserve goodwill but also foster a positive post-divorce relationship. Working on communication skills is innate to the mediation process. These are tools you can take with you far after all of the paperwork has been signed.

If you are worried about the expense of divorce, mediation might also be a good option for you. Mediation is, generally speaking, much less expensive than divorce litigation. It can also be much less time-consuming. Additionally, it gives you and your spouse more control over the process and the outcome. The mediation process allows you both to work collaboratively to reach a resolution based on what you think is fair for your individualized situation. When you go to court, the resolution is imposed on both of you.

If privacy is important to you, mediation has the added benefit of being confidential. There is no public record of what goes on in your mediation sessions. You do, however, still have the option of retaining a lawyer to give you legal advice.

Family Law Attorneys

Do you think divorce mediation might work for you? Talk to the knowledgeable divorce attorneys at Navarrete & Schwartz about your options. We are proud to serve the residents of Midland, Texas. Contact us today.