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The truth of the matter is that divorce rarely brings out the best in people. It is personal, emotional, and can have significant financial impacts on those involved for years to come. When people are facing such proceedings with these kinds of consequences, there are some unsavory actions they may take. For instance, they can hide money. With our electronically driven world, hiding money and other assets can reach new heights of complexity and sneakiness. There can be all manner of things hidden within the digital landscape. Because of this, it can be best practice to retain a forensic computer expert in your divorce case.

Using Forensic Computer Experts in a Divorce

So much of our lives and dealings exist in the digital space. Think about it. We bank only. Have our financial and securities accounts online. Send and save personal correspondence through the internet. This is all valuable information in divorce proceedings and can be critically important to a divorce case. The data stored on someone’s computer and online accounts can provide crucial information relative to such divorce determinations as:

  • Child custody
  • Spousal income
  • Marital property
  • Marital debt
  • Alimony/spousal support

By utilizing the services of a forensic computer expert, your attorney can work in conjunction with the expert to zero in on specific data areas that may be relevant, and even dispositive, to certain divorce disputes.

The forensic expert will conduct a comprehensive analysis of digital activity logs as well as relevant metadata. The data recovered can reveal otherwise hidden assets and information that can illuminate things like assets and other information a party to the divorce may have been less than forthcoming about. Furthermore, information found in the digital scape can act as corroboration of other facts presented in the case. Is it your assertion that the other party violated a parenting agreement by taking the child outside of the established geographic boundaries during their parenting time? Evidence of such may be found on their computer or electronic devices. Is there suspicion of an affair, abuse, or addiction? Evidence of such may also be on their electronic devices.

In addition to the value of the evidence that a computer forensic expert may find, it is an added benefit that such an expert can help ensure that such evidence is properly and safely handled. They can assist in the proper handling of the evidence. The expert will know how to properly document the data collection process and safekeep the data.

In some cases, you can ask the court to appoint a forensic computer expert as special master in your case. A special master is court appointed to carry out a specific action on behalf of the court. In other words, a judge can appoint a special master to help ensure that a judicial order is actually followed. After appointing the forensic computer expert as special master, the expert can proceed with going through the parties’ electronic devices to recover evidence of things like hidden marital property.

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