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Why do so many couples end up divorced in Texas?

The divorce rate in America has declined in recent years, but remains quite high. Today, it is estimated that between 40 and 50 percent of all married couples will eventually divorce.  For second and third marriages, the divorce rate is even higher.  Staying married for the long run in today’s society can be challenging.  Couples now face immense pressures both in the workplace and at home.  While every divorce, just like every relationship, is unique, Texas family law attorneys will attest that divorce often stems from:

  1. Financial issues:  Most divorce related surveys suggest that financial issues are among the top driving forces for divorce.  Money problems and financial disagreements put strain on a relationship and can eventually lead to its ultimate breakdown.
  2. Rushing in:  Many couples end up marrying too fast and too soon.  Couples that rush into marriage may not have had the chance to get to know one another, leading to a lack of shared interests.
  3. Communication problems:  Perhaps the leading cause of divorce, when couples fail to communicate effectively, it can cause continual disagreements.  Couples are encouraged to seek professional help to learn how to communicate in a positive manner.
  4. Lack of intimacy:  Married couples may struggle to maintain their sexual relationship.  Lack of intimacy can lead to disconnect between spouses and potentially infidelity.
  5. Not enough commitment:  Couples polled about their divorce often lament that they wished their spouse had been more committed to the relationship.  All marriages take hard work and commitment.  In today’s fast paced, self-interested society, some spouses may see divorce as an easier way out than attempting to work through hardships in the marriage.
  6. Unrealistic expectations:  Couples may enter into marriage with their own set of unrealistic expectations about their spouse or the union.  Couples that are more flexible in their views tend to fair better in the marriage.
  7. Lack of equality:  The division of household tasks, wage earning, and childcare is often a main source of conflict in a marriage.  If one person feels that an unfair amount of responsibility has been placed on them in the marriage, it can lead to resentment and potentially divorce.

By recognizing the top causes of divorce, couples can take steps to nurture their relationship and maintain harmony in the long run.  Texas couples that have decided to take the next step towards divorce should contact a family law lawyer for assistance.