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The majority of marriages start off with both spouses pursuing their own careers and having their own streams of income. As the marriage progresses and children come along, the financial dynamic of the couple can drastically change. It still remains a pretty common practice for the lower wage earner to leave the workforce in order to take care of the children and household. With the astronomical cost of childcare and logistical challenges that come with managing a work schedule and children, this makes the most sense for certain families. Unfortunately, the person who left the workforce can face steep, but not insurmountable, challenges in the event of a divorce. If can be difficult and frustrating to reenter the workforce after divorce, but we are here with some tips to assist in this important life transition.

Tips for Reentering the Workforce After Divorce

Reentering the workforce after divorce can feel overwhelming, but try to focus on this phase of your life as a chance to start fresh. It is a chance to build the career you want and all of the potential there can be exciting. Even with this motivation running through your head, the task before you can seem daunting. Take the time to reflect on what you want out of your career path. You may want to do something different than what you did before. You may want to expand the skills you already have or take some refresher courses before applying to jobs. Dedicate some time to reflecting on what you want to pursue and how you are going to pursue it.

As part of your plan, you may need to take some re-education classes or refresher courses. This can be a great way to further develop or expand your marketable skills. Oftentimes completion of an entire degree-seeking program is not necessary. Focus on the specific skills you want to develop and find courses that align with them.

While you solidify your vision for your career path, it is also important not to be beholden for securing the perfect job, if such a job even exists. Goals are important, but do not foreclose a potentially good opportunity because it does not fit perfectly with what you imagined the perfect job to be. Furthermore, a job that may be less than ideal now may lead to the perfect job later on. Keep all of this in mind as you begin the job search and application process.

When reentering the workforce after what may be a significant gap in employment, networking can be critical. Make use of your contacts new and old, personal and professional. Reconnect with people on platforms such as LinkedIn. Do what you can to reach out to your network and work on growing your network. Every contact is a potential personal connection to a great job opportunity. Your network can also be vital in suppling you with references during the job application process.

The last piece of advice we’ll share with you is this: don’t give up. Yes, the process of reentering the workforce after a divorce can be filled with highs and lows. It can be filled with hope and disappointment. Weather those tough moments. You can do this.

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