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Divorce can be the best option for a couple when things are just not working out. This is the truth and everyone involved can be better off when the two spouses go their own ways. Divorce, however, is a complex legal proceeding that has significant implications for all involved. The importance of successfully navigating the divorce process and protecting yourself every step of the way really cannot be understated. In order to help you and your loved ones through the divorce process and to assist in making it as smooth and seamless as possible, there are things you should do before you file for divorce.

Things You Should Do Before Filing for a Divorce

The more efficient you can make divorce proceedings, the better. Efficiency means saving time, money, and stress. So, get your documents together and organize them as best you can. There are a variety of documents that will be needed in your divorce, including:

  • Bank statements
  • Past tax returns
  • Investment statements
  • Retirement account statements
  • Life insurance policies
  • Mortgage documents
  • Credit card statements
  • Automobile titles
  • Social Security statements
  • Gather the necessary documents and make copies of everything. Organize them prior to sending everything for your attorney’s review. If your attorney receives a pile of documents in disarray, it is going to take time, and, incidentally, money, to get everything in working order.

    In addition to getting the necessary documents in order, you should also work on getting your own finances in order. Divorce in and of itself can be an expensive process. Adjusting to life after divorce can be expensive as well. Before filing for divorce, it can be best practice to have a minimum savings to cover three months of expenses. We know this can be a big thing to take on. Having three months of savings can be no small feat, especially when divorce looms in the not so distant future, but it can be essential, especially for the spouse who may have more limited access to financial resources. If your spouse reacts poorly to the divorce, he or she may retaliate by cutting you off financially. Your attorney can work to get you the financial support you need, but it will take time to accomplish this and your savings can help keep you afloat in the meantime.

    In addition to having three months’ savings, making sure you have credit available to you should you need it can also be a vital safety net to have in place before filing for divorce. To make sure you have credit available to you even if your spouse were to cut off access to credit cards when you file for divorce, apply for your own credit card. Having access to your own credit can provide you with a way to pay for things while your attorney pursues temporary financial support for you.

    While three months of savings and access to credit can help get you through the divorce process, you should also think of your post-divorce financial situation and make a budget. Divorce can be a big financial adjustment even when both spouses are on equal financial footing. Moving from a two income household with shared expenses to a single income household where you carry all of the expenses can make a world of difference. As such, it can be important for you to set out a projected budget for your post-divorce life to help you set yourself up for a successful financial future.

    Texas Family Law Attorneys

    Another important part of preparing for divorce is to gather your support system together. You will need friends and family by your side to provide you with moral support throughout the process. Navarrete & Schwartz is here to provide you with trusted legal support throughout the process. We are proud to serve the residence of Midland, Texas. Posted in Divorce