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How can I help my children start off the school year smoothly after our divorce?

Following a divorce, you and your children will go through many firsts. Things that were once routine may now seem different and new. One critical first for your children will be the first school year after your divorce. Starting the school year as a divorced family will involve transitions and scheduling challenges, but it also presents an opportunity to reach a new normal in which your children can thrive. Our Midland, Texas divorce lawyers offer some tips for successfully entering the first new school year following your divorce below.

Create a Family Calendar

Life becomes hectic during the school year. All parents need to time the drop off and pickup, while many additionally juggle after school activities, not to mention homework and class projects. Divorced parents have the extra challenge of also managing the rotation of children between the two houses. With so much going on, it is critical that divorced parents create a schedule that works for everyone.

A shared family calendar can be an excellent option for some parents. Several online programs offer family calendars as do a few apps. With a shared family calendar, it is possible for both parents to view and edit activities. You can start by inputting your child custody schedule into the calendar. From there, you can add activities, work out pick up and drop off schedules, and the like. Review the school calendar and talk about what you will do in the event of the unexpected, such as your child staying home sick.

Set Expectations and Goals

Talk to each other and your children about your goals for the year. Outline your expectations for academics and grades, as well as for relationships during the year and beyond. Ideally, you can address the children together with your former spouse, but if this creates tension, discuss your goals individually and encourage the children to involve the other parent.

Consider Expenses

While most larger expenses were likely decided during your divorce, extra expenses will likely arise during the school year. Child support is intended to cover food, clothing, shelter, and the like, but what about school events, extra child care expenses, and school supplies? You and your ex-spouse will need to consider how to split extra expenses that will likely arise now that school is back in session. Contactfamily law attorney for more assistance with your divorce and post-divorce matters.