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How has social media altered relationships across the country?

Social media has significantly altered the ways in which we interact with others.  Those who use social media now have their own set of “friends” online. Users post pictures, share pages, and comment on posts all as a means of getting “likes.”  While some praise social media as allowing them a way of staying in touch with friends and loved ones that may live far away, others question whether social media has harmfully influenced our sense of self-worth and ability to communicate face-to-face with others. 

One aspect of social media that has been largely overlooked is its impact on marriages. New research is emerging that suggests social media could in fact be a factor in the ultimate divorce of some couples. Social media might contribute to or even cause divorce in the following ways:

1. Social media occupies couples’ time  

For many people, social media has become a major time consumer.  Individuals may spend hours each day posting content or scrolling through the content provided by others on social media websites. Time spent on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites is time spent away from your spouse. Many couples miss out on quality time due to their social media habits, which eventually can put a strain on the relationship.

2. Social media can lead to suspicious behavior 

In the age of social media, checking on your spouses’ online activity or behavior prior to your relationship is just a click away. Social media might make it tempting to examine who your spouse is friends with, what posts he or she likes, and even to snoop on private messages. Further, with social media, your spouse can look back at old photos and other data to uncover past relationships. All of these activities may create suspicion, which can negatively influence both spouses.

3. Social media may lead to infidelity 

Social media offers an excellent means of making connections with others, but sometimes these connections can become romantic. Social media offers an easy way for an unhappy spouse to connect with someone new and pursue an online relationship, which could in time evolve to a physical relationship.

Rarely will social media alone lead to a divorce. Typically, a couple will already have some serious issues or struggles that social media might exacerbate. If your relationship is heading towards divorce, now is the time to consult with a divorce lawyer to find out more about your legal rights in the state of Texas.