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How can I make my divorce less painful?

Divorce is generally thought of as an expensive and stressful process.  Many people enter a divorce with dread.  Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to make your divorce simpler and less painful.  By following some basic tips offered by our Midland, Texas divorce lawyers at Navarrete and Schwartz, P.C. you can potentially complete your divorce in a timely and cost efficient manner without undue stress.  

Consider an Alternative to Litigation 

Litigation is just one potential avenue for a divorce, but it is not always the best option.  The litigation process can be costly because it requires court appearances, significant attorney’s fees, court fees, and more.  Further, the process is typically time consuming and emotionally draining, as it often involves each spouse attempting to paint the other in a negative light.  Litigation can prove harmful for parents who must continue to co-parent their minor children. 
As an alternative to litigation, divorcing spouses could potentially pursue mediation.  A neutral mediator can help the spouses, along with their attorney’s, to resolve crucial divorce issues.  Through mediation, the spouses can often quickly reach a divorce settlement agreeable to both parties.  Collaborative divorce holds another option, allowing the divorcing spouses to save time and money by working together to reach a settlement.

Work With an Experienced Divorce Lawyer 

Attempting to go it alone when pursing a divorce can greatly complicate the matter and leave you exposed to unfair outcomes.  While a do-it-yourself divorce could save you in attorney’s fees, in the long run you will likely lose out significantly.  A divorce attorney will simplify your divorce by taking charge of the case research, asset assessment, and court or mediation preparations.  Your attorney should take much of the burden of the divorce off your shoulders, allowing you to start planning the next stage of your life. 


Let Go of Revenge 

It is common to enter a divorce full of anger and seeking revenge.  If you feel you have been wronged by your spouse, it may be tempting to attempt to enter all evidence of wrongdoing on the part of your spouse into the court record.  In reality, however, allowing revenge to motivate your divorce proceedings could complicate the process and add to the stress of the divorce.  Instead, focus on your desired divorce outcome and keep this goal above all else.  Let go of revenge and hold onto the long term benefits of an efficient and effective divorce.