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How do I select a good divorce lawyer?

Divorce is a stressful time filled with uncertainty, fear, and much emotion.  Those contemplating divorce will need the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney.  Your divorce attorney will become your primary advocate and sounding board throughout the divorce process.  Your selection of a divorce lawyer could well make the difference between achieving the divorce outcome you desire or finding yourself struggling to make due with a lesser divorce settlement or an unfair custody arrangement.  With so many divorce lawyers out there, how do you choose the right one? Start by asking the right questions of your potential divorce attorney.

What is your level of experience with divorce cases?

Experience matters when it comes to the law.  You will want to ask your potential divorce attorney how long he or she has practiced law, and specifically what experience he or she has with divorce cases. Ask about the fields of law your attorney practices in, how many divorce cases he or she has handled, and whether your lawyer has experience with complex divorce cases.  All of these answers will give you a better idea as to whether the attorney can competently handle your case, no matter what surprises arise.

What geographical region and courts do you cover?

You will want to find out where your case will be handled and whether your potential lawyer covers that area.  For instance, if you live in the Midland, Texas area, you will likely want a local attorney who is familiar with the courts in the area and whom you can meet with regularly.  

What steps will you take to resolve my case?

Ask your potential attorney about what steps he or she will take to resolve your divorce case.  Will your lawyer first want to complete investigations? Is your attorney likely to promote a settlement or is this a case he or she sees going to trial?  Be sure your attorney’s strategy is one you support and makes sense given the facts surrounding your divorce. 

In addition to meeting with your potential attorney and asking the questions that matter, you will further want to look for client testimonials from friends or online.  Find an attorney who will truly care about you and your case, and who has a proven track record of client satisfaction.  Your right divorce attorney is out there, so get started researching today.