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What documents will I want to gather before filing for divorce?

Seeking a divorce can be a challenging and emotional time.  Along with the stress surrounding the divorce, preparing your paperwork for the divorce itself can be complex and time consuming.  If you are starting off on the path towards divorce, now is the time to engage in some advance preparations so that you will be in a stronger position legally when the time comes to file your divorce petition.  Our Midland, Texas divorce lawyers outline some steps you should take as you prepare for divorce below.

Gather Vital Documents

A divorce will require much documentation as you and your soon to be ex will divide all of your marital assets.  You will aid yourself tremendously by gathering some important documentation as soon as possible.  Information you may need for your divorce includes the following:

  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statements
  • Mortgage documents
  • Real estate deeds
  • Insurance policies
  • Wills or trusts
  • Car titles
  • Any other loan documents

With these items gathered, you can start to create an inventory list of your marital and non-marital assets.  Be sure to list any property you brought into the marriage or separately inherited as your separate property.  Document to the best of your knowledge your spouse’s separate property as well. You will then want to make a list of your marital assets and debts.  Once the divorce proceedings are underway, having these lists already prepared will be a boon to you and your attorney.

Prepare Your Finances

Divorce can be costly and your household income is likely to decrease once you are officially divorce from your spouse.  Now is the time to start saving and setting funds aside to help you through the divorce and beyond.  You may wish to begin tracking your household expense, if you do not already do so, as this can help you determine where you can save, while also proving useful as you divide your assets.

Build a Support Network

Besides readying yourself on the financial and organizational front, you will want to enter a divorce emotionally prepared. You will need a network of family members and friends who will support you throughout the divorce. Now is the time to turn to your valued loved ones and let them know what you might need as you pursue the major step of a divorce.