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How might an app improve your ability to co-parent?

Communication is crucial when you are learning to co-parent.  Many newly divorced or separated parents report that communication can be the most difficult element to achieve so soon after a split.  With tensions running high, finding a way to coordinate schedules, discuss crucial child rearing issues, and delegate parenting responsibilities can be difficult, if not impossible.  Fortunately, today there are some new technologies that could improve your ability to co-parent effectively. Our Midland, Texas child custody lawyers discuss several apps that you may consider using if you share children with an ex.

Co-Parenting Relies on Scheduling 

A major aspect to successful co-parenting is making a schedule and finding a way to largely stick to it.  Co-parenting can come as a shock to parents who are used to having their children around full-time. As a new co-parent, you and your ex will need to decide when each of you will spend time with the children.  You will quickly find that you need to find a way to communicate with your ex about scheduling and other matters. To this end, several apps have been created to simplify your life. These include:

  1. Our Family Wizard—For $99, you can purchase the app called Our Family Wizard, which was created especially with co-parents in mind.  The app includes comprehensive shared custody calendars, visitation schedules, and messaging. Many judges now recommend this app to co-parents.
  2. Coparently—This app is available for just $10.  Coparently aims to improve communication among co-parents with its simple calendar and ability to track expenses.  It allows for the upload of medical records, and can allow kids to communicate within the act if included.
  3. 2 Houses—Within this app, which also costs $10, parents can share photos and videos, along with scheduling calendars.  It can be downloaded on both Android and Apple phones. Parents can further share the child’s expenses for easy splitting of costs.
  4. Custody Exchange—This simple app is free, but does have upgrade options.  This app offers an easy to read and edit calendar. It allows for the calculation of time spent with each parent.  

Any of these apps can provide the alterative communication means that you need to allow for an easy exchange of your children and related information.  Should you need help with your custody scheduling, contact a child custody lawyer for assistance.