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Is “Marriage Story” an accurate depiction of divorce in America?

The heart-wrenching drama “Marriage Story” captivated audiences nationwide. Nominated for six Oscars, with one win, “Marriage Story” tells the tale of two artists whose marriage crumbles. The couple files for divorce, with initial plans to end the marriage amicably. However, the divorce soon becomes acrimonious and a coast-to-coast custody battle emerges. The movie is both sad and sweet, with outstanding performances by both Adam Driver and Scarlett Johannsson. While “Marriage Story” made for an excellent drama, does it accurately depict divorces today? Our Midland, Texas divorce lawyers explore recent marriage and divorce trends below.

Couples Marrying Later, Divorcing Less Often

Marriage and divorce data presents a positive trend on the state of marriage in America. Today, couples are marrying later in life. The median age for men to wed is now 29.8, while for women it is 28. In 2000, men were marrying on average at the age of 26.8, and women at 25.1. For a long time, it was widely accepted that half of all marriages would end in divorce. Now, that figure is down.

Many younger couples today are waiting longer to marry, but when they do wed, they are more likely to stay together. Men and women in their 20s and 30s are said to be taking marriage very seriously. They enter into relationships highly selectively and tend to have more stability than previous generations.

There is one age group that has experienced the opposite trend. Among Americans age 50 and over, the divorce rate has more than doubled in the past 30 years. Americans are living longer today and do not seem bound by the notion of “till death do us part.” Older Americans have demonstrated a willingness to divorce even later in life, and many remarry. These second marriages unfortunately have a high rate of failure.

While statistics show that divorce is less prevalent today, the issues grappled with in “Marriage Story” remain quite relevant. Divorce can bring out ugly emotions and much animosity. Divorcing spouses will want to work with a divorce lawyer who can help them achieve their goals without adding to hostilities. Your divorce lawyer can handle the very real and major issues that might arise during the divorce, like child custody disputes.