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As the holidays approach, you may be reminiscing about Christmases past and fondly recalling memories of your favorite holiday traditions and occasions marked by the gathering of family. If you have recently divorced, however, such memories may be stirring other feelings this time of year. You may be feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or just down about the fact that this holiday season is likely to look very different from holidays in the past. Time with family will look different. Holiday traditions may need to be foregone. While all of this can be a big adjustment, there are ways to not just survive the holidays post-divorce, but to thrive! Here we will discuss some tips for how to successfully navigate the holidays post-divorce.

Navigating Holidays Post-Divorce

One of the trickiest things to manage after a divorce is sharing parenting time with minor children. The difficulties that come with co-parenting after divorce can be highlighted during the holiday season and it is important to acknowledge this as you approach the holidays. Well in advance of the parties and celebrations, be sure that you and your co-parent have a specific and detailed holiday schedule in place. Plan for where your kids will be spending the holidays, when transfers will be made, and how transfers will be made. The more specific you can be about the schedule and who will be dropping off the kids when and where, the more likely you are to spare everyone involved needless stress. Not only will this help avoid fighting with your co-parent, but it will help manage everyone’s, kids included, expectations for the holiday season schedule.

In addition to a solid parenting time schedule over the holidays, planning for new traditions can also be a great way to put a happier spin on your first post-divorce holiday season. When you view this holiday time as a way to make new traditions as opposed to the first time you will lose old traditions, it can really set the tone for a successful season. While your family or your holidays may not look the same, this is not necessarily a bad thing! Take the opportunity to make new traditions with your kids. Get yourselves excited about them and find little ways to enjoy this new journey you are on as a family.

Between managing time sharing schedules, developing new magical holiday traditions, and the normal stress that can come with the holidays, it may be more important now than ever to take time for you! Easier said than done, right? But, honestly, you do not have the time to not take care of yourself. Being tired and sick during the holidays will certainly be an added challenge you will not want to lay down for yourself. Get enough sleep. Remember to eat and eat right. Take some time to meet up with friends and family.

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