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Can I prevent my divorce from being made public?

When you are going through a tough divorce, the last thing you want is your private life made open to the public.  However, once you or your spouse files for divorce, some of your personal information, including financials and custody matters, may become part of the public record in Texas.  The public, which could include your employer, neighbors, creditors, and others, may be able to view documents filed in court and attend court proceedings. For many people, the publicness of a divorce is alarming.  For those already in the spotlight, keeping your divorce private may be imperative as it could impact your image and career.  The following is a look at some tips for keeping your divorce private, as offered by our Midland, Texas divorce lawyers at Navarrete and Schwartz, P.C.  

Filing a Confidential Marital Settlement Agreement 

If you and your spouse can agree to a divorce settlement, you can potentially minimize the amount of personal information that will be exposed to the public.  A confidential marital settlement will eliminate the need for public court hearings on important issues like property division and child custody.  At times, your attorney may be able to successfully move to have your file sealed.  This is not a request that will be granted lightly, however, as it can be argued to impinge on freedom of the press.  

Turning to Mediation 

Mediation can present a way to reach a negotiated divorce agreement without the need for a public court record.  Both parties must agree to mediation for it to become an option.  During the mediation, you and your spouse will be required to release certain information, such as financial data.  Mediation may not be a viable course of action if your spouse might act in bad faith or when a vast power imbalance exists in the marriage.  For the right situation, however, mediation may be just the divorce proceeding you need to ensure your privacy.

These are just a few potential methods for keeping your divorce out of the public eye.  For individualized assistance with your divorce, contact our experienced Midland, Texas divorce attorneys at Navarrete and Schwartz, P.C.