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Will I be able to choose the adoptive couple for my baby?

Electing to put your baby up for adoption is a brave and love filled decision, requiring that you put the interests of your child above your own. If you are pregnant and weighing the thought of placing your child up for adoption, you will naturally have many questions and concerns. Our Midland, Texas adoption lawyers answer some questions that you may have as a mother weighing the option of adoption.

Is adoption the best choice for my baby and I?

The biggest question that most potential birth mothers have is whether adoption is the right decision. This is a question that only you can answer. Adoption can be a wonderful option for women that find themselves pregnant and do not feel ready to be a parent. Birth mothers that choose adoption do so out of love for their unborn child.

If you do not feel ready to be a parent, adoption can offer your baby the gift of life and the joys of a loving home selected by you. As a birth mother, you can elect to receive updates on your child’s life as he or she grows up. While selecting adoption is never easy, birth mothers that pursue this option generally feel at peace knowing they did what was best for their child.

Will I select the adoptive parents?

As a birth parent, you have the power to select the adoptive parents of your choosing. Alternatively, you could allow your adoption lawyer or an adoption agency to do so for you. Your adoption attorney can help connect you to hundreds of potential adoptive families who have already been pre-screened. The choice of an adoptive family is yours and your attorney will guide you through the legal process of the adoption each step of the way.

Will I get to meet my child?

You can choose to spend time with your child after his or her birth, or you may elect not to do so. This is a personal choice that only you can make. After the birth, your level of contact with the child will depend on the type of adoption you agree to. If the adoption is open, you can have ongoing contact with the child and his or her adoptive family. Closed adoptions, on the other hand, will cease most contact.

Adoption is a very personal matter. Contact an adoption attorney right away if you are considering placing your child up for adoption. Your attorney will be a wealth of information and a guiding force during this potentially stressful time.