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Do women or men move on more easily after a divorce?

It has been said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and these differences in personality extend to the realm of divorce. An article by Kathleen O’Connell Corcoran explores the differences in how men and women are impacted by divorce. Knowing how your gender tends to cope with divorce can help you to move past divorce or assist a friend going through a divorce. Our Midland, Texas divorce lawyers explore the differences between men and women before, during, and after a divorce below.

Women and Divorce

Studies show that divorce is initiated by women twice as often as men. Women tend to notice problems in the marriage earlier on. They may express these issues to their spouse and to friends during the marriage. As such, women are often the initiators of a divorce. Further, because women have been open about the marital problems with others, they generally have an easier time moving on from the divorce. Women are helped by strong social support systems, which often mean the difference between moving on or becoming stuck.

Men and Divorce

Men often find themselves confronted with greater problems with emotional adjustment post-divorce. Men may struggle to cope with the loss of intimacy and loss of social connection. Men additionally could lose a significant part of their parenting role because women are more often awarded custody of minor children. Statistically, men tend to remarry more quickly than women, perhaps to fill the emotional void created by being alone.

These generalizations will hardly hold true for every couple. Additionally, the age of the couple could influence attitudes towards divorce. Millions of younger Americans today grew up with divorced or never married parents. Experiencing divorce first hand can impact how a person views and deals with divorce.

Those considering divorce should consult with a family lawyer for additional assistance. Your divorce attorney will empower you to take on the divorce and achieve the best possible outcome. A stress-free divorce may enable you to start your new life out on the right foot.