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How can a divorce impact a celebrity’s public image?

Imagine filing for divorce and instead of just having all of your friends and family weighing in, you have the entire public inserting their opinions. Unfortunately, this is the reality for most high profile couples that file for divorce. The media has made it so that celebrity divorces are rarely private or quiet matters. For better or for worse, fame thrusts high profile individuals into the spotlight, even for sensitive matters like a divorce. Recently, Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari and Mary-Kate Olsen and Olivier Sarkozy have filed for divorce. Our Midland, Texas divorce lawyers discuss how in each of these celeb divorces public opinion could influence the outcome of the divorce and the lasting image of each celebrity.

Gossip Swirls Around Celeb Divorces

The divorce between reality TV star Krisin Cavallari and former NFL star Jay Cutler demonstrates just how quickly a celebrity divorce will succumb to gossip. The high profile couple, who share three children together, announced their divorce in late April. They issued a joint statement stressing that though they were splitting, they loved and respected each other. Despite the positive statement, soon online new sources started to produce articles alleging marital issues. Cutler was soon depicted as being rude and belittling during the marriage, while Cavallari was painted as manipulative. The divorce has now turned acrimonious and the couple is fighting over who will be the children’s primary caregiver. Not only has public opinion now likely fueled an ugly divorce, but Cavallari and Cutler’s brands have been tarnished by the split.

Nothing is Private

The divorce between child television star Mary-Kate Olsen and banker Olivier Sarkozy shows that in the world of celebrity divorce, nothing is private anymore. Olsen filed for bankruptcy during the quarantine and her original filing was unsuccessful due to court closures and restrictions. Nonetheless, the petition has been recirculated by the media. It details her battle to remain in the home leased by the couple, which allegedly Sarkozy has told her to leave. The couple has faced constant drama surrounding the divorce, which has been so covered by the tabloids that nothing is now private.

The drama and public nature surrounding celeb divorces should have us all grateful for a lack of celebrity. Anyone contemplating filing for divorce should contact a divorce lawyer for assistance with the process. Your divorce lawyer can often help keep the divorce civil and as stress free as possible for all involved.