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What should I do if my friend is going through a divorce?

With roughly half of all marriages ending in divorce, chances are you may have already had or will have a friend going through a divorce.  As a friend, you want to be there and say the right things, but so often friends are unsure of how to react to a divorce.  Our West Texas divorce lawyers offer some tips for helping your friend through divorce.

  1. Lend an ear:  Going through a difficult divorce can be overwhelming.  At times, you just need someone to vent to.  Try simply listening to your friend.  Reassure them or offer a simple hug.  Just the act of lending a non-judgmental ear may be a tremendous help to your struggling friend.  

  2. Offer support:  A divorce can be a test to determine which friends are the real ones.  If your friend is getting divorced, you should offer your support.  Pick up the phone, go visit, send an email, or otherwise make it known that your friend is not alone.  Divorce is isolating enough, do not leave your friend without support.

  3. Don’t leave them out:  There may be a temptation to leave your divorced friend out when it comes to couple’s dinners or social events that you all once did together.  Do not leave your friend out just because they are no longer a part of a couple.  Include your friend in group events. Take steps to ensure your friend will not feel uncomfortable, which could include inviting other single friends or including only welcoming other friends.

  4. Give a hand:  Your friend may need help around the house or with child care if he or she has recently gone through a divorce.  Where there were once two partners, there is now just one.  This can leave tasks undone.  As much as you are able, give a hand by offering to assist with occasional child care or completing an odd job around the house.  These simple acts could greatly reduce your friend’s stress levels.

If you need assistance with your Texas divorce, do not hesitate to call our divorce lawyers at Navarrete and Schwartz, P.C.  We offer experienced legal help to divorcing couples across the Midland, Texas area.