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Texas, as a community property state, considers most property that was acquired during the marriage to belong to both spouses. Upon divorce, Texas law dictates that community property is subject to equitable distribution. As such, divorcing couples in Texas stand to lose a substantial chunk of their property in divorce proceedings. This may be especially true of those couples who have been married for longer and, thus, had more time to acquire more property and assets over the course of the marriage. In light of the fact that post-divorce life can be exceedingly difficult, especially considering what property can be lost in a divorce, more and more people are creating divorce registries for loved ones to help them ease into this transition.

Have You Heard of a Divorce Registry?

You have likely gone onto someone’s gift registry to buy them a present in celebration of an engagement, a marriage, or maybe even a new baby. While these registries represent a celebration of a major life transition, they also serve an important purpose in that it is a way to support a loved one during a key life change that may prove challenging to adjust to without some help. When you think of registries in this way, it may not surprise you as much to hear that divorce registries are starting to trend.

The trend is likely a reflection of a number of different factors, including a society more accepting and supportive of those going through divorce. It also is likely a reflection of more and more people realizing that those going through divorce need support as they go through a significant life transition. Divorce can be a fresh start after a relationship that weighs on all involved. It can be, however, financially difficult as legal fees are incurred, property is divided, and the former spouses move from a two income household (in many cases) to single income households.

In thinking of the property subject to division in a divorce and the fact that a person coming out on the other side of a divorce will likely need to restock things like basic household items and more, you may find yourself gravitating toward the divorce registry trend. Friends, family, and loved ones have been increasingly creating these registries in the hopes of providing support to those who are going through the life transition of divorce. If you have a loved one going through a divorce, you may want to consider doing this as well. Think of the change in living situations and the expenses incurred. Develop a divorce registry that reflects this and talk to your loved one about what would help them move on to this new phase of life.

Family Law Attorneys

You may want to show your support of your loved one going through a divorce by establishing a divorce registry. At Navarrete & Schwartz, our family law attorneys provide strong legal support to our clients. We protect their best interests throughout the process. We are proud to serve the residence of Midland, Texas. Contact us today.