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How long does it take to complete an international adoption?

Internationally, there are over eight million orphans awaiting a family of their own.  Couples wishing to adopt have several options when it comes to adoption. One of the first choices a family will often make is whether to adopt domestically or internationally.  Several high profile adoptions by Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie and Madonna have led to more Americans considering international adoption.  Domestic adoptions, however, continue to be more prevalent than international adoptions.  Our Texas adoption lawyer discusses the basics of international adoption below.  

Costs of International Adoption

The cost to adopt internationally is similar to adopting domestically.  You can expect an international adoption to cost somewhere between $20,000 and $50,000.  Adoption costs vary by country and individual factors surrounding each adoption.  Those adopting internationally will need to ensure they budget for travel expenses, lodging, and visa costs.  You will further want to research the travel requirements for countries from which you are considering adopting.

Country Restrictions

Not all countries will allow American families to adopt.  Ethiopia recently announced a ban on the adoption of Ethiopian children by foreign families.  Other countries may allow foreign adoptions, but have restrictions on who can adopt a child.  Islam, for example, will not allow non-Muslim couples to adopt.  Some states ban adoptions by single women or same-sex couples.  As you start the process of adopting internationally, you will want to closely examine the regulations of the country you are interested in adopting from to ensure it is a right fit for you.  

Wait Times to Complete an International Adoption

The wait time to adopt internationally will vary depending on several factors.  Couples that are open to children from several countries and children that are older or part of a sibling group may be able to complete the adoption sooner, while parents desiring a certain race or age may find themselves waiting longer.  Wait times further vary drastically by country, and even then the field of international adoption is constantly evolving.  Countries that previously boosted swift adoption times may in a few months time no longer allow international adoptions.  

Contact an adoption attorney for assistance exploring your adoption options.  Your adoption attorney will go over with you the many options when it comes to adoption.  With your lawyer’s help, you can make your dreams of completing your family come true.