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Why are millennials divorcing at lower rates than previous generations?

A recent study suggests that divorce rates are on the decline in the United States, and it is thought to be due to the Millennials and their marriage decisions.  The American divorce rate has long been among the highest in the world, but this may be changing with younger generations now reaching marriage age and electing to do things differently than the generation before.  Our Midland, Texas divorce lawyers explore the new trend in divorce and why Millennials are bringing down divorce rates below.

Divorce Rate Drops 18 Percent

A study conducted by Phillip Cohen from the University of Maryland reveals that the divorce rate has dropped an astonishing 18 percent between the years 2008 and 2018.  When controlling for age and other demographic factors, the dip is still at least eight percent.  Cohen attributes much of the drop to the behavior of millennials. 

Millennials are proving to form more lasting marriages than previous generations. Data shows that millennials are more selective about who they wed and tend to wait until they are financially stable to get married.  Even further, many millennial tend to cohabitate before marriage for far longer than previous generations, which could be leading to more long lasting marriages.

Interestingly, marriage is also starting to become associated with income and higher education, which could too be affecting divorce rates.  Today, those with a solid income and a bachelor’s degree or higher are most likely to wed, whereas individuals of the same age with a high school degree or less are marrying at less than half the rate of their counterparts.  Relatedly, more millennials are entering into prenups than ever before, which will impact divorces in the coming years.

The decline of divorce in America is a positive note for the country as a whole. Whereas at one point over half of all marriages ended in divorce, today’s generation may come to view entering into marriage as a more permanent commitment.  Nonetheless, there will always be some situations in which divorce is the best option for the health and sanity of both spouses.  Anyone who is considering filing for divorce should consult with a divorce attorney as soon as possible.