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Why is January 7 known as divorce day?

Every year, there is a certain day following the holidays that becomes dubbed among those in the divorce industry as “Divorce Day.”  According to a report in Evening Standard, divorce attorneys receive the highest number of calls by prospective clients seeking divorce on the first Monday back at work after the holidays.  This year, Divorce Day fell on January 7th.  Our Midland, Texas divorce lawyers explain why divorces surge after the holidays and what first steps you should take if you are contemplating a divorce below.

Divorce Day Explained

Divorce Day is the day during which divorce lawyers receive the highest number of enquiries from unhappy couples who have decided to call it quits.  Last year, search engines reported that over 40,000 people researched “divorce” during the month of January, while divorce helplines saw at least a 25 percent spike in calls.  

There are many possible theories as to why Divorce Day exists.  For one, the holidays involve much pressure.  During the holidays, all of us strive to ensure we cook the perfect meal, decorate the best tree, and select the right presents.  At times, the stress of the holidays leads to quarreling among partners.  Additionally, the holiday break brings couples together for an extended period of time. So much time together without work or school for the children may expose already existing cracks in the marriage.  While a solid marriage will withstand these pressures and togetherness, one that has already been struggling could collapse.  

Divorce First Steps

If you are one of the many couples who will seek a divorce this year, now is the time to start doing your research and take the first steps to initiate your divorce.  First, you will want to educate yourself about the divorce process and divorce issues.  Find out how long a divorce will take in your region.  Research what issues you will need to decide during the divorce.  The more you understand about the divorce process, the better position you will be in when starting off in a divorce.
Your next step will be contacting a divorce lawyer. Your attorney will sit down with you and review your unique circumstances, including whether you have children, what assets you share, the length of the marriage, and more.  With your attorney’s help, you can start to decide what will matter most to you in settling or litigating your divorce.