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Often, a woman who changed her name when she got married will want to revert her last name back to her maiden name after a divorce is finalized. This is not always the case, of course, there are many women who choose to keep their married last name after divorce. The choice is completely personal and everyone has their reasons for either changing or not changing their last name after a divorce. Should you choose to change your name after a divorce in Texas, however, there is a certain procedure you will need to follow.

Changing Your Name After a Divorce

When you change your name after you are married, your name change can occur when your marriage license is obtained. After a divorce, you can use the Final Decree of Divorce to change your name. To do so, however, the name change should be incorporated into the decree itself. If this has not been done, you must file a petition with the court to grant you a name change. You will need to file an Original Petition for Change of Name in the county where you reside. Should your petition be approved, the court will issue an order granting your name change.

So, as you can tell, obtaining a name change in Texas is actually a fairly straightforward process. This, however, is just the beginning. Consider all of the places your name is registered. Once you obtain your name change order, you will need to go through the steps of changing your name on some important pieces of identification. The best place to start is usually the Social Security office. You will need to change your name that is associated with your Social Security number. To do so, you can book an appointment at your local Social Security Administration office. Be sure to check and see what forms and information you will need to bring with you. You will most certainly need to bring the court order changing your name.

You will also need to change your name on your driver’s license and state identification card. You can do this at your local Department of Motor Vehicles office. Additionally, you will want to change your name on your voter’s registration card before the next election. The sooner this is done the better so that you can be sure everything is all set well in advance of the next time you need to go and vote. You should also remember to change your name on your passport and any of your financial accounts.

Family Law Attorneys

The process of starting your new post-divorce life can be overwhelming and is best taken one step at a time. The trusted family law team at Navarrete & Schwartz is here to help you every step of the way. We are proud to serve the residence of Midland, Texas. Contact us today.