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The role of paternity extends beyond the confines of familial relationships; it forms the basis of legal and social identity. At Navarrete & Schwartz, P.C., we are well aware that, going forward, determining paternity strengthens the child’s sense of belonging, the father’s sense of parental rights and responsibilities, and the mother’s clarity about family structure. 

In legal terms, establishing paternity through a paternity test is also essential for determining:

  • Child support obligations 
  • Inheritance rights
  • Potential adoption
  • Access to family medical histories
  • Eligibility for benefits like Social Security and veterans’ benefits

If you are entangled in a paternity dispute, now is the time to contact our skilled attorneys to discuss your options. We are well-prepared to offer you wise counsel and vigorous legal advocacy.

How Societal and Scientific Changes Have Affected Paternity Issues

Society’s views have about sexual behavior, marriage, and gender roles have altered radically during the last many decades, and so have reproductive technologies, such as IVF and sperm donation. For example:

  • It has become increasingly acceptable for a woman to have a baby without being married or in a committed relationship
  • Women can now have babies by means of a sperm donor who may well be anonymous

While DNA testing has made determining paternity possible and nearly 100 percent accurate, these other factors have made some aspects of paternity cases more complicated.

How Paternity Is Legalized in Texas

In Texas, the legal system provides clear guidelines for establishing paternity, whether through voluntary acknowledgment or through court proceedings. This legal framework is designed to protect the rights and welfare of the child, while also considering the rights of the parents. Because navigating this system can be complex, it is essential to have one of our accomplished attorneys assist you. You can rest assured that we will always treat you with the sensitivity and respect you deserve.

When Paternity Is Contested

Disputes over paternity can arise for various reasons and can lead to significant emotional and financial strain for all parties involved. In such cases, DNA testing plays a crucial role in providing conclusive evidence of biological parentage, which can then inform legal decisions regarding custody and support. However, the resolution of contested paternity cases also requires careful legal representation to ensure that the interests of the child remain at the forefront since in rare instances there may be errors in the administration of tests, mishandling of samples, deliberate fraud, or inconclusive test results.

Paternity in Same-Sex Marriages

In the context of same-sex marriages, the concept of paternity is multi-dimensional. Legal recognition of both parents in same-sex relationships is vital for ensuring that children enjoy the same protections and benefits as their peers in heterosexual families, including:

  • Parental access of both parents in cases of separation or divorce
  • Financial support and health insurance coverage responsibilities of both parents
  • Use of reproductive technology agreements
  • Second-parent adoption

These measures provide security and stability for the child, confirming the child’s legal ties to both parents regardless of biological connection.

Why Parents Require Paternity Lawyers in Texas

Below is a sampling of reasons Texas parents consult with our seasoned family law attorneys for guidance through the process of establishing paternity through a paternity test:

  • Unmarried mothers who require child support from their child’s father
  • Unmarried fathers who want to be involved in their child’s life but arebeing denied access by their child’s mother
  • Men who are not biological fathers of a child but are being pressured to pay child support
  • Men who suspect they may be the father of a child and want to be responsible by providing child support if their paternity test is positive
  • Mothers seeking Medicaid or other government benefits with the result that the Department of Revenue is now looking for their child’s father to hold him responsible for meeting his child’s financial needs

Whatever the situation, our paternity lawyers have the in-depth knowledge of paternity law in Texas to help resolve the issue. In addition to the mother, the presumed father (in many instances the husband of the mother), and the man alleged to be the father, a government agency, or the child can file a paternity lawsuit. If the child is underage, a representative must act on their behalf. 

How Paternity Tests Work

Although blood typing developed in the 1930s was a big step forward in establishing paternity, DNA paternity testing, developed decades later, and recently refined, has resulted in much more accurate paternity testing. Now, if on two or more DNA probes, DNA patterns between the child and the alleged father do not match, the individual can be ruled out as the father. If, on the other hand, the DNA patterns between the child and the alleged father match on every DNA probe, the likelihood of paternity is 99.9 percent. Today, child support agencies and courts routinely rely on DNA test results to establish paternity.

How Our Skilled Family Law Attorneys Help With Paternity Issues

At Navarrete & Schwartz, P.C., we recognize that, although paternity issues are deeply personal, they have significant, far-reaching, social, financial, medical, legal, and financial implications. Our law team is dedicated to helping you reach the best outcome for yourself and your child. We are adept at handling paternity matters with care and discretion since our goal, like yours, is to see to it that your child grows up well-supported by both parents.

The Broader Implications of Paternity Resolution

Furthermore, the establishment or disestablishment of paternity can significantly impact a child’s upbringing, affecting their welfare, education, and overall well-being. Children with established paternity relationships often benefit from a sense of identity and closure, contributing to their emotional and psychological development. Additionally, the financial support provided following paternity establishment ensures that the child’s basic needs are met, which is vital for their growth and success. It should be noted that even if the biological father does not wish to play an active role in the child’s upbringing, he still has the obligation to provide financial support to the minor.

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Becoming a parent is a life-altering event. If you have questions about the paternity of a child, Navarrete & Schwartz is ready to help you settle them so you can plan for the future and regain your peace of mind. At Navarrete & Schwartz, P.C., we understand the stakes involved and the impact that these matters can have on your life and the life of your child. That’s why we’re committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive legal services. If you’re facing paternity challenges, don’t face them alone. Contact us today for the legal and emotional support you need.