If you’ve been charged with assault, you’re undoubtedly concerned about your upcoming trial, possible conviction, and future livelihood. In the days ahead, it’s absolutely critical that you consult with a criminal defense attorney who can help you navigate the complex legal system and create a strong defense strategy on your behalf.

Whether the charge brought against you is due to misunderstanding, exaggeration or you were simply protecting yourself from the original aggressor, your attorney will make certain these facts are brought to light and you are afforded a fair and just trial. If you are convicted of misdemeanor or felony assault, your attorney will advocate for a sentence congruent with the nature of the offense as well as any rehabilitative resources you may need.

An assault occurs when one person places another person in fear or apprehension of imminent bodily injury. This can take place in the form of menacing threats, throwing a punch (but not actually hitting the intended target), or brandishing a weapon.

How Criminal Defense Attorneys Defend Assault Charges

The law recognizes several defenses to the crime of assault, the most well-known being self-defense. As you discuss the facts of your case with your injury attorney, it is vital to include all facts of the incident which may have given rise to your need to defend yourself. Your injury attorney may argue on your behalf that the alleged victim was the actual aggressor and you were lawfully protecting yourself from bodily injury. Another defense, known as defense of others, may be applicable if you were protecting a third person from the threat or imposition of bodily injury. Defense of property is applicable so long as the facts reveal you used reasonable force to recover your stolen property. The law generally condones the use of deadly force to recover stolen property. Lastly, if the facts suggest you and your accuser were engaged in some sort of consensual activity, such as boxing or an athletic event, your criminal defense attorney may be able to argue the defense of consent.

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The crime of assault can carry potential felony convictions and lengthy jail sentences. If you are in need of thorough and zealous legal advocates to handle your case, contact our criminal defense law firm today for a consultation.